Apartment rental with option to buy: The advantages

Real estate rental with option to buy is for anyone who wants to buy or sell a home. It is particularly interesting for buyers who do not have the opportunity to obtain a mortgage in good conditions. This is particularly the case for young workers, people with low purchasing power, people who are divorcing, etc. The options vary.

Instead of losing out thousands of pounds or euros in a ground rent scandal in the regular leaseholds, why not think of the rental with option to buy.

What are the advantages for the buyer?

The real estate rental with option to purchase allows access to the property without having to subscribe to a real estate loan upon signing the contract. The buyer builds up capital gradually throughout the term of the lease with a portion of what he pays each month.

The sale price is locked when the lease is signed. The tenant has time to think about buying the property. He tests his future life-size purchase.

Of what advantage is it for the seller?

The seller has the advantage of opening new markets. With this purchase type, sales are easier because there are more potential buyers. In a context where it is more and more often difficult to sell one's property, lease with purchase option has all the advantages.

The rent collected during the term of the lease may, if applicable, cover the cost of a bridge loan. An inevitably interesting opportunity for a move.

Shall we handle it individually or through an agency

A seller can find a buyer and choose the lease with purchase option. The transaction will be secured in front of a notary. It is also possible to go through a real estate agent who will connect a buyer with a seller. The real estate agent can also intervene once the buyer is found by the seller, to prepare the file.


Finally, with this option, leaseholders can nurture the dream of owning a house without being susceptible to ground rent scandal over the years.